The Renewal

On October 3, 2017, I started my journey to renew my faith.


I cannot say that I am a full convert already, but I recently opened my heart to see if I am ready to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

I’ve been agnostic for years. I’ve always believed in a higher being but I don’t believe in organized religion. You see, religion is man made, and I felt for years that it is not wise for man to claim that they know how God operates. This belief was partly triggered by my coming out as a bisexual and how I observed religions would say that the LGBT community is not loved by God and that we are living sinful lives. Who is man to dictate what is sin, when all LGBT couples are doing is love one another?

I don’t know yet how my current church operates but I am trying to give them a chance. For years, while I am steadfast in my faith on God and I truly believe in his love and mercy, I find it difficult to find time to strengthen my relationship with him. Unfortunately, without having a religion, I found it difficult to really set aside time to praise and glorify him. What I appreciate with Victory right now is that they were open to my questions and they did not wince when I told them that I was not sure about Jesus Christ. This group, this church, has been the most welcoming group I’ve ever encountered and I always feel rejuvenated after service. It’s refreshing to feel that way again and I feel like I’ve found the place where I truly feel God’s presence.

Maybe there is a reason why I was called and brought to this church. But for now, I am just opening my heart to learn, to experience, and to renew my relationship with Someone up there.


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