The Post After A Long Time: Musings about 9/11

For the US, it was the 9/11 attacks. For the Philippines, it is the birth anniversary of a ruthless dictator.


This date reminds us of tragedies and how human souls can be corrupted by power and evil. I have spent hours of this day watching documentaries, hearing accounts from families of victims, and hearing the audio recording of calls from those trapped in the tower. I have also spent days reading up on Martial Law victims, those who survived and those who were never heard from again.

I am scared with what’s happening with the world, seeing world leaders yet again spewing hate words every press conference they attend. HATE. OVER AND OVER. It’s as if years and years of violence fell on deaf ears. Some of us never learn…. but hold on to hope that some of us did learn.

We learned that peace is always the better choice. Love each other, no matter the background, no matter the race. Respond with kindness to each and everyone you meet. Killing will never be the answer, violence will not solve anything. We all lose in a war, so we must never try to start one.

I am just one voice, with almost no impact to society, but I hope those who do have louder voices use theirs in order to protect the world.

I am scared, terribly scared, but I’m also hopeful. I hope God is listening.


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