The Creative Prompts Vol. 04: Trance

To focus on what is in front of me, and what could be.


via Daily Prompt: Trance

Put your blinders on and focus on the goal. For most, happiness is the goal. No one chooses to be sad, and I would not choose to wallow and be alone. No man is an island, they said, but life makes the opposite easier attained. How easy it is to lose sight of your future goals, how easy it is to sigh and say this is not what I want.

It’s not perfect, but god it feels amazing. The good, the bad, the worst. It all cooks up to a beautiful experience. My strength, my weakness, my ecstasy, and my downfall. All in one; All or nothing.

Nothing can make me leave. I am not blind to the distractions, but at the same time I am lost in the trance of his face, his soul, his heart, his everything. These distractions are nothing, despite the difficulty in making a complex machine work. It’s easier to leave everything behind, but leaving everything behind is to leave a huge part of your being, and that would hurt more than receiving bruises and scars from something, someone, so wonderful; wonderfully imperfect.

Life doesn’t promise perfection, life promises value… promises worth. And once you find that, you’re hooked for life.


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