The Victory

I turned a no into a yes.


A few weeks ago, the one lesson I learned (which I posted here) was how to deal with rejection. It was difficult for me to go through, especially since I knew that I did my best, and getting that “no” was a big punch in the face.

There are two ways to deal with unexpected circumstances. One, start working on Plan B. Two, fight til the end to make Plan A work.

Honestly, for this situation of mine, it’s easier (in a sense) to work on Plan B. Despite Plan A being my dream in life, I felt like oh well, this no is probably a sign that I was not meant for it. Maybe they rejected me so I can start working already, or maybe they rejected me because I was meant for another career. Right then and there, I was already willing to give up my chance to graduate from my university.

Don’t get me wrong, not graduating from college is not a bad thing and it does not make you any less of a person. But then, especially in our country, it limits your future and the opportunities you can take. It’s already difficult to find a job even if you have a diploma, so the chances of you getting a decent job without one is slim. Also, I knew for a fact that I wanted to graduate from university, I just did not know how to overcome my fear of another rejection if I appeal.

Thankfully, I have a mentor in my life that gave me the tough love I needed. I remember that morning when I was supposed to pass my appeal, I was crying so hard and I could not face the people in my college. I had to convince my sister to come with me too because I had no strength to get out of the house. My mentor kept talking to me and told me that there is nothing to lose anymore since they already rejected me, but I will forever hate myself if I don’t give myself the chance to fight.

Now, I can proudly say that my appeal went through and I am currently studying for my last year in college after seven (SEVEN!!!) years! This is a brand new challenge but I hope that this serves as a reminder to everyone to keep fighting until you’ve exhausted all possible course of action. Don’t give up so easily, because you will never hate yourself for trying, but you will kill yourself into thinking about what if? Life is too short for questions. Fight a good fight, and whether you win or lose, it will all be worth it in the end.



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