The Creative Prompts Vol. 03: Fragrance

To sense the fear way before it comes to sight.


via Daily Prompt: Fragrance

I can smell it from here.

I sense that something wrong is going to happen. Terrible dread washes over me, filling me with doubts and regret. I fear to take another step forward, to find answers to questions haunting my dreams every night. I shiver in fear, I cry in the darkness, I fall far away as possible.

And yet, against all my senses, I take a step forward. Voices in my head tell me to go on, keep ground, and carry on. Alarm signals flash before my eyes, but my brain screams “Forward!” just as a general orders his soldiers whether they like it or not. I smell the smoke even before I see it, but I march head on with hopes that I am wrong.

I hope I’m wrong.


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