The Creative Prompts Vol. 02: Sunny

The sun cannot rival you.


via Daily Prompt: Sunny

The light has gone and the world walked off to dream. My eyes should be shut but they refuse to obey for they have always been slaves to the heart; the heart that has been beating twice the normal rate trying to keep up with my racing thoughts. I see the flutter of the curtain from the corner of my eye, the moon and stars peeping through our private space, jealous of the attention they are denied. While people will stare out of windows to marvel at the wonders of the universe, I choose to miss the spectacle to focus on my brightness, the sun to my system, the light to my darkness.

You light up the darkest of days, you warm up the coldest of nights, and you fill me with light when I thought it was impossible to contain anything inside what is broken. For a time I thought I am a survivor of the darkness, a queen of the night, but having tasted what it’s like to bask in your rays made me wonder why I chose to be content at the dead end. Your existence gave me a reason to work until my knuckles bleed, pushing boundaries I was taught to keep. Your breathing gave me courage to seek the unknown and look outside the corners of my soul. Your touch gave meaning to my footsteps as I trek the path to uncertain success. You make me hope when I thought I cannot do it; you gave me life even when I thought I never lost it.

As I slowly give in to the command of my brain to exit to a peaceful slumber, I whisper to the gods a silent prayer. Grant me another day to wake from my sleep and please let this soul be mine to keep.



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