The Daily Guide to Motivation

Dealing with my work (or any kind of) anxiety in 3 steps.


Recently, I noticed that I’ve been doing these steps regularly before work to battle my anxiety and plaster a smile on my face. I don’t know if this works for other people but it definitely works for me, especially during the bad anxiety attacks.

  1. Drink caffeine (Coffee or Coca Cola)
  2. Fill in my eyebrows (or if I have time do my whole make-up!)
  3. Smile! Fake it ’til you make it!

Before I do anything else, I usually drink any kind of caffeine in order to perk me up especially in the morning when I conduct my first class. My psychologist told me not to do this so much because palpitations can either make you perky happy or fearful but fortunately I’ve had a more positive reaction. Most importantly, doing this gives me a bit more confidence to get over my worries and fears. The only thing I have to remember is that I shouldn’t drink more than one cup in order not to trigger my migraine attacks.

Next, as much as possible I try to fill in my eyebrows before class or before I leave the house when I do errands. Ever since my diagnosis (I was diagnosed with Bipolar II disorder a little over a year ago), I realized that make-up helps give me that push to go out of the house. For work, seeing my eyebrows on fleek makes me feel more confident about myself and my capabilities. Make-up is like my armor, and it feels like I am portraying a very strong personality whenever I face other people even if deep inside, I’m a wreck.

Lastly, I smile. My psychologist always tells me that my body can lie to my brain and I totally agree. Forcing myself to smile even when I don’t feel like it tells my brain to turn off my depression and be happy instead. It starts off as fake happy and then after a few moments I realize it’s not difficult anymore for me to find happiness in what I’m doing.

I am writing about this mainly because I want to remind myself that there is hope when it comes to my mental health illness. It’s annoying and difficult at time to constantly be in battle with yourself the moment you wake-up, but is not impossible to win. Chin up, keep going, and overcome. 🙂


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