The day I overcame

Insecurities, Earthquakes, the worst day ever.

Before I start my blog post, I sincerely grieve with the people around the world especially those experiencing devastation right now. I cannot claim that I know personally how it would feel to be in a situation where your security is in question but I empathize with all of you. I hope to the high heavens that you are granted peace.

I’m only human. I believe there is always a little bit of selfishness in our hearts, very yin and yang. I want to show that all I have in my heart is grief about what happened to my fellow countrymen, but you know that feeling when something bad happens to you and then you hear all these bad news? You want to tell yourself that hey, your problem is probably NOTHING compared to what they are experiencing right now so you need to get up and move on.

But it doesn’t feel that way. I feel like my small problem is shattering my world. It’s like when you’re walking and you feel your socks sliding off. It’s no big deal, but it consumes your mind every step you take. It’s a funny metaphor, but it doesn’t feel right to laugh.

Today, I wanted to be strong. I wanted to make it seem like what happened to me did not matter, but it did. Sometimes, when you count on something so much and put so much thought into it, it breaks your heart when it falls apart. Thank god my rationale got the better of me. I was able to think straight and reason out with myself to get over the small stuff. If anything, today taught me that you HAVE to overcome. I am not going to tell myself that what I’m feeling is not valid, because it is. What might be a small problem for others might be a big problem to you and that’s okay. The bottom line is no matter what it is, you have to overcome. Today I learned how to look at disappointments with more perspective; I learned to let go.

There are some things I’m not yet comfortable leaving open in social media, but I think this lesson will still resonate with me (and maybe to you who ended up on my blog) in the years to come. It is normal to feel, and feel everything if you must, but learn to let it go after. There must be an end to negativity in order to have space to accept positivity again. Overcome.


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