The first of (hopefully) many more

This was not my first blog.


I’ve kept multiple blogs in my whole internet history, most I’ve already deleted. I’ve tried tumblr, but that mostly consisted of reblogs of content that other people made which resonated with me. I did a wordpress account back in the day when I tried fashion blogging and of course that failed (and I swore to myself never to do that again… HAHA). Then there’s this.

Writing has always been a touch and go for me. I never really find my niche and I find myself finding new things to focus on like my academics. However, writing always comes back. There’s always the new experience you want to record, that new feeling you want to make a poem about… There’s always something. This time around though, I will keep it real. I don’t have plans to make this into a big thing anyway so… welcome to my life. Hope you find it interesting to read about my deepest, and sometimes even darkest, feelings.

And to you, Maggie of May 22, 2017, may the odds be ever in your favor.

Bring it on.


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